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"Homestar Runner...? What in the world is that?

Homestar Runner is a series of Flash cartoons created by Matt and Mike Chapman, also known as The Brothers Chaps or TBC. The toons are family friendly yet have a wonderfully bizarre sense of humor, along with a diverse cast of characters. The site was at the height of it's popularity in 2003-2004, but it still has a decent fan following. It isn't necessary to watch anything in order to understand the comic, but it'll make a lot more sense if you do.

The website can be found here, and there's an entire wiki devoted to the toons here

The characters in this comic have been humanized, meaning they have been given everyday human features such as hair, noses, and arms. This comic came to be because I wanted to make my own interpretation of armlessness for a humanized Homestar .

As for Strong Bad's mask... never fear, he will definitely be wearing it. Just not all the time. Do you know anyone who walks around in a wrestling mask and boxing gloves all day?

"This comic doesn't have any -gulp- Homestar and Strong Bad slash in it, does it?!?!"
Nope! I never planned to have much romance in the comic anyway. This comic leans more towards comedy/adventure.

Doesn't mean I hate it of course, and I will not go into a massive fit of rage if you happen like it.

"Hey! Sbemail #____ contradicts what you said in your comic! What's the deal?"
I've tried to make the story as close to cannon as I can. I'm sure there are things on the site that will go against what I've written. And in the future there will probably be toons and emails that make my comics completely obsolete. Hopefully that won't stop you from enjoying what I've created. :)

"How do you type with boxing gloves on?"
veekj wwll ap;artldm,

That's how I type with boxing gloves. As you can see, I'm not as good at it as Strong Bad. :P

"Is *Insert character here* going to appear in the comic?"
Maybe, maybe not. It depends on if I can fit them in somewhere. For the record, the following characters are definitely going to make appearances:
Senor Cardgage
Mr. Bland
Trivia Time
Plus a few abandoned characters for extra fun times.

Others may appear in the comics as cameos as time progresses.

"How often does this comic update?"
New pages should be up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The comics will be uploaded the Sunday before and programmed to appear at 12. AM EST in case anything happens during the week. 

It should be noted that during the school year I might have to go from three comics a week to two. If such an occasion occurs I will mention it beforehand.

"What is this comic even about anyway?"
This comic is a reimagining of the inhabitants of Free Country U.S.A. and the people who live there. The Homestar Runner universe we know is a creation of an insane man, who used it as an escape from the harsh realities surrounding him. The story follows his life and the life of the real versions of the other characters as they deal with their lives.

Even though the comic is a bit darker than the toons, it should maintain a PGish rating like the actual Homestar Runner website.

"Why Homestar Runner characters? Why not use your own original characters?"
Why would some one use copyrighted characters instead of their own? It's an interesting question for sure. I've decided to use the characters from the Homestar Runner universe because the story literally would not exist without them. As I stated in an earlier answer, the whole idea came from an alternate interpretation of humanized Homestar's armlessness. Besides, this story is so integrated into the subject's lore that it just wouldn't feel right to use original characters.

"Draw Trogdor again!!"

whoops rip photobucket

"Just who are you anyway?"
Well, I'm just a girl. Named Joanna. And I just happen to like Homestar Runner so much that I decided to make a comic.

That's pretty much all you need to know about me.

"Do TBC know about this comic?"
I'm pretty sure they don't. Unless they find it themselves or someone tells them about it. If you want to email them go ahead, but right now I'm just going to sit here and do my own thing.

"Can I draw fanart of this comic or use some of the artwork for other stuff?"
You can draw fanart if you want! Just send me an email and make the title art related, and I'll put it up on the site and credit you.

If you wish to use the artwork for something, I would appreciate it if you sent me an email first to ask me.