Sorry. :/
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16th Sep 2009 edit delete
Heh, I thought I would have enough time to do a comic for today. I thought wrong. I've got a lot on my plate right now, and there's just no time to update.
I'm terribly sorry about this.
I have come up an idea, however. I'll start making everything in black and white or grayscale from now on (I'll also be changing most of the other comics to black and white but keeping the color pages on the site) so it takes a bit less time to finish them.
I know it sucks hardcore, but I'd rather make gray scale comics and keep a decent schedule than have full color comics and keep missing deadlines.

I uh... I'm also going to take a week to regroup and get another buffer going.
Here's a bin of internet tomatoes, throw them if you like. D:


FrigginGodess 17th Sep 2009 edit delete
*grabs a tomato and starts eating it*

Aww, it's okay. But, still, real life events come before the comic.

Besides, grayscale comics make a tinge of mystery on it! I guess it works in well favor.
Well you could just do like the newspaper and have one color page wheneverthehellyoufeellikeit- er, once a week.

That is if some pages seem like they just NEED color or something.

Comics are srs bzns, yo. They envelope liiiiives. Do yon school work first, young lady!

(I shouldn't make late comments early in the morning)
Aidan 7th Oct 2009 edit delete
It's now into October. I can take about a month of no updates, and I understand being busy with school, but could you at least let us know you're still alive and are coming back to this?
man i dont even care, long as you get these pages out!!!
and i think people are more used to gray.
Wo0T 14th Dec 2009 edit delete
christmas break is alomost here, i better see some updates, missy miss >8|
homestarluver201 16th Feb 2010 edit delete
Eh, that's okay. I might be doing something stupid and pointless anyways. It's pretty cool that you have your own comic and website! But who was that crepy shiloutte figure leaning over (im guessing, StrongBad by the lack of shirt and a lot of StrongSad abuse.)Strong Bad?
BlackMageBrad 9th Jul 2010 edit delete
The break continued on, time passed by... And yet there is always the Random Comic button.
Graywolf 19th Nov 2010 edit delete
November of 2010. Looks like this is dead. Awwww...
Spinnerlink 21st May 2011 edit delete
Random comic button found this for me. I got excited for it to stop, and proably no one is going to read this.