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26th Aug 2009 edit delete
Oh boy! A cover page! :D I bet you guys just love me now don't you?
And yes, this character is Strong Bad. I know you're probably scratching your head in bewilderment since he looks so incredibly different from the well known human version of him *coughcouchhavoccreationscough*. And yes, he is a bit tanner than the official version. If you're wondering why he isn't wearing a mask or boxing gloves, there's no need to panic. He'll be wearing them quite a bit later on.
I'm kind of in a funk right now since my three day old tablet pen decided to break randomly. Thankfully my roomie is letting me borrow hers. And soon I will redo the comic layout to get comments working. 'OTZ
Next comic is on Friday.


Mu 26th Aug 2009 edit delete
Homestar looks so creepy XD I love it.
Chakramchucker 26th Aug 2009 edit delete

(pointless squeeing comment is pointless)
FrigginGodess 27th Aug 2009 edit delete
The cover's either delish or really that awesome-creepy kind of feeling.

Ah, who cares! It looks so dark and lovely.
Happy 27th Aug 2009 edit delete
:0 Spoilers, Mu! I had no idea what that was until you said so and now comic suspense is gone. GONNNNEEE

Will be following this comic (albiet maybe not commenting, I'm sorry |D;), it looks really awesome! :D I hope this website doesn't make smilies out of :Ds.
Nuxill 27th Aug 2009 edit delete
Oh nooo! I'm sorry you got spoiled.
Uh... at least it was a tiny one? XD
Glad to see you guys like it so far!