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31st Aug 2009 edit delete
Oh dear, this one's late by almost an hour! Darn Tvtropes and it's mesmerizing articles. I would let the comics upload automatically but my last use of the function didn't seem to work. I guess I'll have to change the FAQ soon. At least now we're getting to the good stuff! Gotta love those camera angles.
Yes I am aware that the shout bubble is hilariously bad. Me and the polygonal lasso tool are not(and never were) on good terms.
Mark my words, the beast shall be tamed before the end of the first semester. >:(


FrigginGodess 31st Aug 2009 edit delete
Meh, I don't really care if it's late. Just as long as it goes by the day.

And the camera angles are always awesome.
You are pretty much the best thing.
Mu 31st Aug 2009 edit delete
I hate that all I can focus on is Strong Bad's peak-of-shoulder in the third and fourth panels. All I can think is 'gee this would be a good porn fic set up'.


but uh. I do love the contrast in the third panel. The shading is pretty and blue and the background is all SPAZZ/SHOCK so yeah. it works.

*wants to draw now*