Page Six
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11th Sep 2009 edit delete
Whee lazy splash page! :O And the introduction of our third character. Hooray!
I may have to go to two days a week instead of three depending on how much homework I get for the next couple of weeks. It probably won't happen, I just wanted to let you guys know of the possibility.


machinehead 11th Sep 2009 edit delete
Awesome page!
FrigginGodess 11th Sep 2009 edit delete
Meh, it's cool. Whatever you need to change in order to make things a bit more easier on ya.

Also.... ZOMG! SHOTA + CREEPY = (somewhat) PEDOPHILIA!
(jk... but, still, looks so lulzy when you think about it.)
Mu 11th Sep 2009 edit delete
I laughed hysterically for about four seconds and then the actual 'holy crap that's sort of terrifying' feeling set in XD
Jenny 11th Sep 2009 edit delete
Whoa o_0
homestarluver201 24th Aug 2010 edit delete
HAHA OH MY and great art by the way! I hope you make a new page sometime soooooon...